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The current year is 958 in the Third Age (stylized as 958/3 in shorthand).
It is the Year of the Eagle.

The Party:

Einrik Lodbrok, Human – Level 8 Warlock
Fargrim Pelthos, Dwarf – Level 8 Paladin
Kytheon, Half-Elf – Level 8 Fighter
Sorin Igneel, Half-Dragon – Level 8 Sorcerer

Previous Members:

Kovu Trailick, Human – Druid/Barbarian
Murdock, Tiefling – Monk

Other Adventurers:

Castiel, Human – Psionic/Warlock
Hayden Beauregard, Human – Fighter
Kaine Sepvor, Human – Cleric
Marchesa Moonforge, Human – Druid
Orn Ahlberg, Dwarf – Cleric
Padloe of the Wandering Wind, Gnome – Monk
Richter Belmont, Aasimar – Fighter
Royland Keep, Human – Rogue
Sarkhan Igneel, Half-Dragon – Barbarian
Stiles Keep, Human – Paladin
Tandem, Elf – Wizard
Tavik Nu’vel, Wood Elf – Monk/Ranger
Udorry Ogrescrush, Dwarf – Rogue
Wander, Goliath – Barbarian
Yenril “Lit Man” Dewshining, Human – Bard

Fallen Adventurers (and cause of death):

None (yet…)

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