Vetter, the Wind Walker

Legend tells of a young elf named Vetter Grailasul that had the power to speak to the wind. His family lived in a wooded area with their elvish tribe, but day by day Vetter grew closer with the wind spirits rather than his own kind. His family, worried that the wind spirits’ mischievous ways would tempt the boy, eventually left to find a new place to live – much to Vetter’s dismay.

But they soon realized that wherever they journeyed, the spirits of the wind would find them, seeking out their son. Vetter’s parents found more and more secluded areas, away from the wind, and eventually settled in an underground cave, as far from the wind as they could find. Though they were secluded, they found that the wind spirits no longer bothered them or Vetter, and started a comfortable life among the caves, only journeying to the surface for necessary reasons. Vetter’s family befriended a group of dwarves and they formed a small and unlikely community together. Vetter settled down as he grew older and put the wind spirits into his past.

But one day, Vetter and his parents were scavenging deep into the caves for supplies when they ran into an Umber Hulk that attacked them. The beast knocked Vetter’s parents down a small ravine, and faced against the creature, Vetter cried out for help. The wind spirits answered, flowing into the cave as a mighty force of air and blasted the creature, causing the Umber Hulk to flee. Vetter looked down at his parents, their bodies barely moving at the bottom of the cliff, and talked with the wind spirits for the first time in years. They lifted him up, and Vetter rode the wind down to his parents, using the spirits to help bring them to safety. Soonafter, Vetter left his community, heading off to find those in need, to use the wind to find and help them.

To this day, many explorers and adventurers tell stories of being trapped in impossible situations, only to be lifted to safety as if by the air itself. Most of these people swear that before the wind rushes away, they see the visage of a tall elf, who smiles before being whisked into the sky.

Vetter, the Wind Walker

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