The Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven is a massive greatsword found next to the city of Hyloon in Redgull. Lodged in a crater in the ground, many people believe it to be a weapon of the gods that plummeted to earth somehow. No one knows when it appeared, and many historical texts denote its existence, leading many to believe it may have been present since the world’s creation.

Due to the widespread belief of its divine connections, many faith-driven people have claimed the weapon as a sign of their own god, leading to much disputing over who it “belongs” to. This made Redgull a sort of holy land, with factions contesting for control over the area of the sword. This came to a head with the Red Crusades, a long drawn out series of bloody battles for control of a chunk of the land. Eventually, Redgull intervened to stop the fighting, and seized military control of the sword.

Nowadays, the sword and its crater is a hotspot for religious followers, who make long pilgrimages from all around for a chance to visit the sword. Hyloon has strict control over the artifact, with guards and towers positioned to ensure no religious fanatics cause any trouble. They limit the time anyone can visit the sword, and also charge for the opportunity of getting close to it, which is a point of controversy among the religious communities. Many small makeshift communities and housing have sprung up around the sword, which Hyloon also strictly regulates.

Many say that after touching the blade, they can hear their deity speaking to them. In a time when the presence of gods is questionable, many find solace in this weapon, though many more claim that this is a placebo.

The Edge of Heaven

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