Syrreth the Silver Dragon of the South

Though dragons have not been spotted in the realm of Relias for centuries, there is a legend of two dragons that are still active, told through folklore and fireside tales – the siblings Syrreth, the Silver Dragon of the South, and Birroth, the Golden Dragon of the North.

Syrreth is the sister of Birroth, and is said to be a serpentine dragon that tends to the southern regions of Relias. Her descriptions vary wildly from those that claim to witness her, but most commonly she is said to have a long flowing body that travels with the wind, like a flying serpent. She has no wings, but instead uses powerful magic to glide at high speeds. She is said to have a set of elegant long horns surround by a mane of spines, and is coated with silver scales that seem to glow with energy.

Syrreth is most often seen by those travelers that journey to the highest mountains and cliffs, who claim to see her in the distance or high in the sky, her body leaving a trail of silver magic behind as she soars. She is said to appear before those that will encounter great fortune, and has become a symbol of luck and good tidings. It is said if anyone could catch her, her magic could make any fantasy a reality, leading many groups to form that search for her, the largest being the Scalemen, a group of hunters that have been trying to hunt her for generations.

The tale of Syrreth and Birroth is ancient and has been twisted and changed as it has passed through generations. However, the most common telling cites two dragons, a brother and sister, created when the world was created. One born silver, and one born gold, they were very different in many ways, and grew up to become even more separate. While Birroth saw mankind as a force of greed and evil, Syrreth grew to appreciate them as good natured and rightfully curious. It is said that they fought many times due to their polarizing ideals, creating lightning and thunder storms that echoed through the skies, created some natural landmarks and destruction in their wake. After years of waging against each other, they decided they would divide the lands into two domains – north and south. Birroth would take north to do with it as he pleased, and Syrreth would take the south and do the same. Though they did not get along, they were still siblings, and recognized that they were equals in many ways – a balancing force, even.

There are tales of these dragons interacting with the people of their domains, and in many ways becoming guardians of their lands, but these are unconfirmed, found in ancient tomes and fairytales. However, people still note sightings of them from time to time, and some groups have devoted themselves to finding these great dragons one day.

Syrreth the Silver Dragon of the South

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