Byzold's Golden Flowers

In the northern regions of the kingdom of Yemenson, there is a small town named Brumire that is surrounded by fields of flourishing flowers that reflect a golden hue in the sun. These flowers seem to grow naturally and have never died out, though they cannot grow anywhere else. Any that are taken from the soil shrivel and die within a day, even when replanted elsewhere with similar climates and ecosystems. They replace themselves by growing back within a week.

Many have tried to decipher the cause of these flowers, but the most popular rationale is based on the legend of Byzold Goldmoon, a dwarf. The legend tells that Byzold came across the land, a vast area of rotten soil where nothing would grow due to a witches’ curse. Byzold believed in the healing power of nature, and tried all he could to bring life back to the land. All the magic and prayers he tried failed, yielding no life upon the wretched earth. Years went by, and still Byzold refused to give up. He constructed a small hut and trading post upon the land, living there as he tried in vain to grow any sort of greenery.

Hundreds of years went by this way, and Byzold persevered. As the kingdoms of the world rose and fell, as the land around him changed and modernized, Byzold stayed in his humble hut upon the dead land, every day trying to grow anything. He tried magic of both divine and ritualistic origin and simply tried good old fashioned agricultural techniques, but every next morning he was disappointed with the lack of results.

Eventually, Byzold was at his limit. Now grown into a weary old dwarf, Byzold knew his time was coming. He had devoted his lifetime to bringing life to the land to no avail. But Byzold still refused to give up. In his last day, he slowly walked out of his hut, each breath straining his body, each movement painful and forced. Byzold fell to his knees and scooped up a chunk of dead dirt in frustration. He screamed up at the gods in anger but looked down into his hands to see the soil in his hands…moving. No, not the soil – the creatures within it. The worms, the bugs, the minute ecosystem that existed and flourished in the dead earth.

A tear flowed from Byzold’s eye as he smiled. “All nature is beautiful, even the dead things.” He spoke with a whisper, and laid down on that earth – the land he had grown to call home. It was beautiful, in all its faults and imperfections. Byzold felt relief as he smiled and gave his last breath. It is said that the next day, Byzold’s body had disappeared, and where it once lay, a single golden flower bloomed. Soon, golden flowers coated the area, creating a beautiful field of nature.

Many say the resilient golden flowers are Byzold’s legacy on the land, and that his spirit is still caring for it to this day.

Byzold's Golden Flowers

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