Brillmore is the second largest city in the Avarus kingdom, only eclipsed by Avarus City, the capital of the region. Brillmore has benefited from a wealthy trade relationship with Redgull, across the Dragon Sea, and benefits from the natural protection of both the sea and the nearby Darkpeak Cliffs. The city is generally wealthy, and has many middle and upper class residents, ruled by Jeskin Glimmerhawk and his Council of Five. The city is known for its layout, being split into numerous districts in an effort to keep things well organized and easy to navigate.

Brillmore was founded by Kolick Brillmore, one of Felidan Avarus’ personal bodyguards. Initially, the location was merely fortified to protect against attacks by Redgull, but as construction went along, a wealth of resources were discovered that were appealing to harvest. Under Felidan’s approval, Kolick built the city up and became its first ruler.

Initially the city was very militaristic due to the attacks from Redgull, but as time passed and other settlements were established, it became a trade-centric area, and once the Dragon Treaty was signed, it became the primary trade partner of Redgull. Both of these developments contributed to a large population and wealth boom at the city, requiring it to vastly expand. This rapid expansion led to the district layout being established, to help not only clearly establish boundaries for areas, but also keep the city organized and easy to expand upon in the future.

Though initially managed by one lord, Brillmore eventually was trying to juggle too many things as once and a larger governing body was deemed necessary. Ordella Brillmore, the ruler at the time, formed the Council of Five, a hand-picked group of knowledgeable and trustworthy people that specialized in different aspects of the city’s rule: agriculture, law, procurement, community, and finance. This was a highly controversial idea at first, but was eventually praised by many, as the ruler and the council helped keep each other’s power in check.


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