Birroth, the Golden Dragon of the North

Though dragons have not been spotted in the realm of Relias for centuries, there is a legend of two dragons that are still active, told through folklore and fireside tales – the siblings Syrreth, the Silver Dragon of the South, and Birroth, the Golden Dragon of the North.

Birroth is told to be a giant ancient dragon with golden scales that glow even in darkness. He is incedibly large, and unlike his sibling Syrreth, has giant protruding wings and four powerful legs. He is said to strike fear into any mortal that casts eyes upon him, and is rumored to hate mankind, thinking them greedy and destructive. Because of this, many of the tales involving Birroth involve him slaying humans and even demigods with his raw power.

Birroth is rumored to reside in one of the many cavernous areas of the north, with many adventurers that claim to have laid eyes on him coming back from extensive cave scavenging or mining expeditions. Many say that when thunder is heard, it is is his wings beating as he leaves the caves and flies through the sky to watch over his northern domains. It is said that his appearance foretells great misfortune, but that by slaying him, one can achieve great power. Despite his existence only written of in ancient tomes and tales, there are those that believe in his existence so passionately they have devoted themselves to finding him.

The tale of Syrreth and Birroth is ancient and has been twisted and changed as it has passed through generations. However, the most common telling cites two dragons, a brother and sister, created when the world was created. One born silver, and one born gold, they were very different in many ways, and grew up to become even more separate. While Birroth saw mankind as a force of greed and evil, Syrreth grew to appreciate them as good natured and rightfully curious. It is said that they fought many times due to their polarizing ideals, creating lightning and thunder storms that echoed through the skies, created some natural landmarks and destruction in their wake. After years of waging against each other, they decided they would divide the lands into two domains – north and south. Birroth would take north to do with it as he pleased, and Syrreth would take the south and do the same. Though they did not get along, they were still siblings, and recognized that they were equals in many ways – a balancing force, even.

There are tales of these dragons interacting with the people of their domains, and in many ways becoming guardians of their lands, but these are unconfirmed, found in ancient tomes and fairytales. However, people still note sightings of them from time to time, and some groups have devoted themselves to finding these great dragons one day.

Birroth, the Golden Dragon of the North

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