Sela Margrove

Guard at Malbrog


Sela is a member of the guards of Malbrog, charged with maintaining the stables and caravan storage area. She is a well-trained fighter, but is sometimes mocked by her peers because she has a small flock of trained ravens she commands. However, Sela does not let it bother her, and keeps a cool head most of the time.

Sela was a contact for the heroes in Malbrog, and after Hargold Camille was killed, she took command of the guards temporarily. The next morning Sela approached Einrik about her ravens detecting a threat on the outside, and helped fight against the Shadows that were discovered, casting Light to help weaken them.

Sela stayed at Malbrog as the group left for Brillmore, resuming her duties at the stables.

Sela Margrove

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