Saingor Vermulda

Vampire Lord


Saingor owns the Silent Bat Inn, a popular bar and inn that opened in Malbrog a few years ago. He is rarely ever seen at the bar, and not much is known about him.

Matilda Millhouse, a barmaid at the Silent Bat Inn, revealed to the party that Saingor is a vampire lord, and that all the workers at the inn are those he has turned – it was also revealed that Saingor secretly captures people and kills them to feast on their blood.

After infiltrating the basement of the inn, the heroes found Saingor, who offered them a choice between saving one of two individuals, Tybaut Proudgust and Matilda. He created a barrier around himself to avoid conflict, and revealed that he kidnaps people and bleeds them out to avoid creating new vampire spawn while also limiting the number of casualties. The party chose to save Matilda, and Saingor slit Tybaut’s throat, killing him.

Saingor sent a pendant to be delivered to Matilda before she left for Brillmore, which has the magical ability to conceal her vampiric features.

Saingor Vermulda

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