Rinek Oakentrail

Demonology Professor at Brillmore University


Rinek is a professor at Brillmore University that specializes in demonology and combating demons. Fargrim approached him at the Festival of Life regarding the disappearance of the Silver Flame worshipers, and described his demonic nightmare, and Rinek assured that he would pursue information on the matter.

Rinek joined a team set up by Gil Lightvigor to investigate the disappearance of the Silver Flame worshipers, and found evidence of a demonic presence in the form of residual energy and small decaying spores. Fargrim brought Bast Tarrenstride to Rinek, fearing that the boy’s worsening sickness was caused by a demonic presence. Rinek studied the boy for hours and determined an exorcism may help, and together Fargrim and him expunged a demon from the boy, though Fargrim decided to kill the fiend, ending Bast’s life as well.

Rinek Oakentrail

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