"Portly" Jack Colton

Baker in Brillmore


“Portly” Jack Colton runs the highly acclaimed Portly Bakery in Brillmore, known for its fine pastries and perfectly cooked bread loaves. However, one night he was discovered by guards at the scene of a grisly murder of three young girls, one fo them being his daughter, Elisha. He was immediately arrested, and after an abnormally short turnaround time, was sentenced to death at the gallows by Jeskin Glimmerhawk, wanting to make an example of those that would commit such heinous deeds.Many doubt Portly Jack’s involvement, though these are not voiced publicly.

The party found out through Bernard Gallywag that Portly Jack was possibly framed, and eventually infiltrated the Assassin’s Guild, stealing a contract as proof of the sects involvement. This was turned over to the guards, who in turn promised to deliver it to Gil Lightvigor of the Council of Five. When this information was reviewed, Gil publicly announced that Portly Jack would be allowed to walk free due to the new evidence.

At the Festival of Life, Portly Jack returned to baking, selling pastries and bread at the event. Fargrim informed Portly Jack that his life may still be in danger, and suggested that he leave the city at the first available opportunity.

"Portly" Jack Colton

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