Murtik Marrowguard

Bounty Hunter


Murtik is a bounty hunter that works almost exclusively out of the Brillmore Adventurer’s Guild, and is one of the top local bounty hunters. Murtik holds such high clout at the Guild that he gets priority on most bounties, giving him time to complete them before they go public.

Murtik was tasked with bringing in Matilda Millhouse dead or alive by Tybaut Proudgust’s son, Gartin Proudgust, for 25 gold. Murtik was given information that Matilda had killed Tybaut, and asked the heroes for information on her whereabouts. The heroes protected Matilda and tried to shake Murtik, but the man has proven to be resourceful and resilient, and is still pursuing the bounty without their help.

Murtik Marrowguard

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