Matilda Millhouse

Vampire Spawn


Matilda was formerly a human that was bitten by Saingor Vermulda when he first came to Malbrog. Matilda was originally a worker at the infirmary, but after being transformed by saingor’s bite, realized that her new cravings for human blood needed to be satiated discreetly, and joined the Silent Bat Inn as a barmaid. Though many that Sangior turned ended up enjoying their new-found life working at the Silent Bat Inn, Matilda was always dissatisfied with her life and the murder that Saingor encouraged to stay alive, though she never publicly voiced her concerns.

Eventually, Matilda could not bring herself to continue being involved with the killing of innocent people, and started trying to warn people about the shady events of the Silent Bat. Her warnings mostly fell on deaf ears or were negated by other vampires working there, but finally she reached out to Einrik, who decided to take action.

After revealing the true nature of the Inn, she was captured by Saingor, who threatened to kill Tybaut Proudgust or her, making the party choose. They chose to save Matilda, who was spared by Saingor and was later given a magic pendant that allows her to keep her human form and be in open sunlight without issue.

Matilda Millhouse

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