Kothegg Orcbasher

Owner of the Lucky Dragon


Kothegg is a dwarf that owns and operates the Lucky Dragon tavern in Malbrog. He is a hearty dwarf that loves to tell tales and is very excitable, and loves seeing his patrons happy more than anything. He tries not to let things keep him down for long, if at all, and values cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere.

Once the most popular place to get a mug of ale and a bed to sleep in (and famous for the specialty Dragon Breath Mead), the Lucky Dragon has recently fallen on hard times due to the Silent Bat Inn opening across the street, and as such has fallen out of favor with the residents of Malbrog. However, the Lucky Dragon has become a spot for people that value their privacy or want to avoid the crowds of the Silent Bat, which helps keep it afloat, even if Kothegg is the only person running it.

Kothegg Orcbasher

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