Hargold Camille

Former Captain of the Malbrog Guards


Hargold was the captain of the Malbrog guards, and was a well-respected man in the community. However, he became very frustrated when his men started discovering maimed bodies of civilians stashed in nooks and crannies in the town. He was convinved that although the attacks looked vicious and animalistic, someone that knew the town’s layout was hiding the bodies and was therefore very suspicious of the community and even his own men. He approached the party for help, since they were new faces to him, though initially did not trust Kovu.

The party agreed to help with the investigation, though initially did not find anything. However, to protect Kovu in his lion form, they lied and said that the beast had indeed been slain. Hargold was suspicious at the absence of proof, but was glad to have the issue finally resolved, and closed the case.

The following night, Hargold was found killed, maimed like the bodies before, and Wylin Forespront was found trying to move the body. He was captured and brought in for questioned, and was later revealed to be a lycan.

Hargold Camille

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