Evelune Blackcut

Owner of Mary Ann's


Evelune Blackcut is the owner of Mary Ann’s, the brothel in Brillmore, located in the slums. She is an impatient and sometimes hotheaded lady, though her business is incredibly profitable.

Kovu and Einrik, suspecting her to be a vampire, bought an hour of time with her to investigate. Einrik performed average during his stay with her, which was unimpressive, but she did try and bite him, revealing her vampiric nature. This failed, as Einrik’s patron blocked the effort by stifling blood flow, and Einrik left hurriedly, running down the hall naked. However, Einrik, committed to redeeming himself, returned to Evelune and successfully proved that he could do better, impressing the vampire.

When Einrik asked about her true nature, she did not shy away and admitted to being a vampire. Evelune noted that she would contact Saingor to find out more about the heroes after Einrik described their earlier encounter at Malbrog..

At the Festival of Life, Fargrim saw Evelune talking with Matilda Millhouse, though it was unclear what they discussed.

Evelune Blackcut

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