Emma Grimheart

Former Assassin/Champion of Ionia


Emma was an assassin that was tasked with killing Ciel Fontoun. However, she was stopped by the heroes, and Fargrim cut off her foot while Einrik distorted her mind with dark whispers in an attempt to gain information from her. Eventually, Sela Margrove and the Malbrog guards locked her up, though she escaped when Wylin Forespront turned into a lycanthrope and destroyed part of the prison.

Emma made her way to Brillmore, where she showed up with markings on her body, and invited the heroes to fight her. She revealed her new nature of being a warlock, having made a deal with Ionia, the Madness, and gaining immense power. After a hard fought battle between Ionia and the Hundred Handed One and herself and the heroes, Emma was taken down and was killed by Kovu.

Emma Grimheart

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