Ciel Fontoun

Medic at Brillmore?


Ciel works as a medic in Brillmore, and is one of the lead nurses taking care of people infected with the recent plague. She was sent to the nearby town of Norwich to investigate some medicine that was claimed to be able to help, though the remedy was not successful. On her way back towards Brillmore, she began suspecting that she was marked for death due to finding a crumbled contract sheet at a nearby abandoned campsite.

Once in Malbrog, the last town before Brillmore, she approached the guards for protection, though quickly realized they were susceptible to bribes and talked with Fargrim instead. At the Lucky Dragon, she was attacked by an assassin, though her life was saved by the party. The assassin claimed to be from a guild and outed Ciel as being from a rival assassin guild, though denied putting the hit on her, instead just being more than happy to kill her off at the client’s whim. Ciel denied these claims.

The group chose to still protect Ciel, and after ravaging the assassin’s mind, turned her into the Malbrog guards. Ciel paid the party for their help, and joined them as they traveled to Brillmore. Upon reaching the city, she split off from the party.

The group tried to meet up with Ciel at the infirmary, but she was nowhere to be found, and the heroes did not see her for days. Finally, they found her again at the Festival of Life, and she helped them win the History Challenge.

Ciel Fontoun

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