Bernard Gallywag

Trader of the Seas


Bernard is a trader, specializing in sea trades across continents and kingdoms. His ship can usually be found at Brillmore, but Bernard has been known to travel quite often, and has a hobby of collecting and trading secrets and other information. Because of this, he is well known in the information trade circuit, often being a point of contact for shady individuals.

Bernard met the party at Malbrog, and traded many secrets with them (specifically Kovu), eventually agreeing to take them to Brillmore. At Brillmore, Gallywag discovered that all ships were required to stay docked as part of a travel freeze until the plague situation was solved. Gallywag used the time to mingle around town, and eventually met back up with the heroes to help them infiltrate the Assassin’s Guild.

Afterwards, Gallywag disappeared, and sent the heroes a cryptic letter that led them to find a key to the Lucky Forty Two ship docked in the Brillmore port. In the captain’s quarters, Gallywag was found tied up, on trial by three mysterious people. It was revealed that Gallywag was part of a group called Requiem, a widespead but small assimilation of people that are information traders that believe that truths are being covered up and seeks to reveal them. The heroes convinced the group to let Gallywag go, though he was exiled from Requiem.

Bernard Gallywag

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