Bast Tarrenstride



Bast Tarrenstride was a teenager found at the Silver Flame temple in Brillmore. He was staying there to await his father’s possible return, who had previously been a member, but left.

Bast was found hiding in a storage room under the temple by Fargrim, and reported seeing some of the members attacked by a shadowy, dark force before he fled into hiding. He followed Fargrim around, as he did not feel safe elsewhere. Fargrim trained him in the ways of the Silver Flame so that Bast would one day take care of the chapel and spread the word of the Silver Flame of his own volition.

However, Bast became very sick and it was discovered he was possessed by demonic energy. Fargrim and Rinek Oakentrail performed an exorcism, expelling the demon. However, the Archfiend told Fargrim that killing the demon meant killing Bast. Fargrim still destroyed the fiend, causing Bast to also perish.

Bast Tarrenstride

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